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Your dog is your baby and you want them to share in your special day. What better way then by including them into your engagement session.

While engagement sessions are a great way to get to know your photographer and to get some awesome photos taken at the same time, you may want to include your dog, after all, they are a huge part of your life. There are some things to consider when including your best furry friend in you engagement session.

1) Consider bringing a dog handler!

It's a very exciting time for you, your fiance and your pup, and while it's super awesome for your dog to show that excitement in the photos, sometimes it's a bit much! Consider bringing a friend or family member to the session to either distract your dog or just play with them when you're ready to have some couple portraits. Having a professional pet handler is always an awesome option as well. I always suggest For the Love of Paws (

2) Bring snack, toys, and props!

Getting a dog to sit and stay still for a photo definitely takes a little finesse or maybe a few snacks Nothing will get your dog to make eye contact better than someone holding a snack above my head. Don't forget to pack a few cute props, make a sign or a handkerchief announcing your upcoming wedding. I also love a well placed flower collar or crown for a few solo portraits of your dog.

3) Tiring your dog out!

Before your engagement session, consider going to an extended walk with your dog, or having a hardcaore exercise session. By the time you arrive to the engagement session, your dog will be less excitable and more ready for photos.

4) Find a dog friendly engagement location.

Nothing is going to be a bigger bummer than getting to your engagement session and finding out dogs aren't allowed. Be sure to check the locations website or call the location and ask. I usually say it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission on the wedding day, but the last thing you want is to be kicked out because you brought your dog.

5) Relax and have a good time!

Your dog can read your mood better than your fiance may be able to. If you're stressed out because you want the perfect picture of the two of you and your dog looking at the camera, this may cause your dog to stress out. Instead, take it in stride, your favorite photo may be of your dog licking your face or just being their best self.

Ready to book your engagement session with your best furry friend in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island? Contact Us today to book!

Venues: The White Room, Worcester, MA -

Wilcox Park, Westerly RI -

Harkness Park, Waterford CT -

Gouveia Vineyard, Wallingford CT -

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