Caitlin + Hazel met like so many people in 2019 - online! But there is no doubting that when you see the two of them together, you can see that they are soulmates!

Caitlin + Hazel met online and sparks pretty flew from their first message. The only problem was that Caitlin lived in New York City and Hazel lived in Australia. Over the course of a few years, caitlin flew back and forth from New York to Australia to spend time with Hazel and her three girls. They knew that they needed to be together, so with deciding what was best for them, Hazel packed up her like and made the trek to New York City.

Before their intimate Jefferson Market Wedding, we walked throughout Greenwich Village on the way to the park. The wedding itself was attended by their closest friends and families, some travelling from as far as Australia. They had a string quartet, read their heartfelt personal vows and Hazel's eldest daughter played guitar for them.

After the ceremony, the group walked over to Bobo restaurant and had an intimate reception.

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