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Back when the weather was amazing, before it was completely dark at 4pm, I photographed Caitlin and Joe's engagement session at my favorite place in Connecticut, Harkness Memorial Park.

Caitlin and Joe met Freshmen year at Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY where they had mutual friends in the same groups. After Graduation, they both went to a friends birthday party and have been inseparable ever since.

They spent the next 5 years in a long distance relationship between Long Island and Connecticut all the while finding time to have many many date nights!

Caitlin and Joe were such a great couple to photograph! They were so laid back and fun, and can we talk about their fashion sense!!! I was in love with everything Caitlin wore! I also loved that Joe wasn't afraid to wear that amazing floral top and perfectly match Caitlin. I loved all the little details Caitlin and Joe put into their session as well. Caitlins' sister bought her a pair of "I DO" flats, that perfectly fit Caitlins' style and vibe.

I'm so excited to photographer their wedding next September and can't wait to party with them all night!

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