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2020 Blog-a-mania continues with Rene and Scotts' intimate Hartford City Hall Elopement.

I've known Scott for almost half my life. He was one of my cousins best friend and we went to the same high school. Life happened and all of us went our own ways, so when he and his fiancée Rene reached out to photograph their elopement, I was instantly in!

Hartford City Hall was always a location that I wanted to shoot at, but the opportunity was never there. I helped Rene and Scott pick the location for their elopement and boy oh boy did it not disappoint.

Even though it was a rainy and cold December day, the backdrop of the Hartford City Hall made everything elegant.

Rene and Scott kept their elopement super intimate, with only Scotts mother and sister in attendance. After sharing their personal vow and rings, they were officially married!

If you're planning a wedding or elopement at Hartford City Hall, Contact Us for more information!

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